Consulting Process

Process of Brand Consulting

Step 1

Brand Problem Diagnosis

- Brand Issue
- Brand Risk
- Brand Structure

Step 2

Brand Strategy Carding & Formulation

- Brand Identification
- Brand Equity
- Brand Positioning
- Brand System
- Brand Mix

Step 3

Brand Marketing Planning & Realization

- Brand Elements
- Brand Marketing Plan
- Integrated Marketing Communication

Step 4

Brand Effect Evaluation

- Brand Effect Evaluation

Service Type

Types of Brand Service

Brand Marketing

Large Enterprises

    State owned enterprises, central enterprises, government units, colleges and universities

Entire Services of Brand

Technology Enterprises

    Innovative technology enterprises with rapid development

Brand Going to Sea

Chinese Enterprises

    Chinese enterprises going to sea for international or overseas markets

Brand Entry

Foreign Enterprise

    International or foreign enterprises entering the Chinese market

Service Strategy

4-zation Services of Brand Strategy

Brand Standardization-Blue Box International Brand Consultancy
Brand Marketing Strategy No.1

Brand Standardization

- Standardized marketing mix

Brand Globalization-Blue Box International Brand Consultancy
Brand Marketing Strategy No.2

Brand Globalization

- Develope enterprise brand based on global market
- Carry out differentiated transnational brand strategy
- To become a world famous brand

Brand Localization-Blue Box International Brand Consultancy
Brand Marketing Strategy No.3

Brand Localization

- Product localization
- Localization of brand naming
- Localization of brand marketing communication

Brand Capitalization-Blue Box International Brand Consultancy
Brand Marketing Strategy No.4

Brand Capitalization

- Generate financial income
- Accelerate the process of enterprise financing, listing and capitalization

Service Sector

9 Sectors of Brand Service

Branding Management-Blue Box International Brand Consultancy

Brand Strategy

Blue Box Consulting is committed to helping customers lay out accurate brand strategies and strategies, so as to enhance enterprise brand equity and brand awareness.

    • - Brand Strategy Consulting

    • - Brand Strategy Formulation and Management

    • - Brand System Building

    • - Brand OEM

    • - Brand Service Package

    • - Reputation Management

Marketing Communication-Blue Box International Brand Consultancy

Marketing Communication

Through marketing communication, Blue Box Brand Consultancy help enterprises establish dialogue and relationship bridges with users, strengthens user loyalty and improves enterprise user assets.

    • - Launch of New Products

    • - Product/Brand Promotion

    • - Marketing Communication of Target User

    • - Scenario Marketing Communication

    • - Content Marketing

    • - SEM/Search Engine Marketing

    • - SEO/Search Engine Optimization (Google, Baidu)

Creative Design of Brand-Blue Box International Brand Consultancy

Creative Design

Blue Box help convey the concept and value of brand by rich visual expression, to achieve efficient brand communication between enterprises and customers.

    • - Design of VI

    • - Design of Logo

    • - Design of Enterprise Publicities

    • - Design of Poster

    • - Design of Activity Material

    • - Design of Packing

Digital Marketing-Blue Box International Brand Consultancy

Digital Marketing

Blue Box Brand Consultancy help enterprises optimize the online digital marketing strategy, accurately target potentical consumers, and obtain real benefits.

    • - Optimized Combination of Digital Media Advertising

    • - Performance Marketing of Media

    • - SEM/Search Engine Marketing

    • - Webinar

Event Management-Blue Box International Brand Consultancy

Event Management

Through the integration of communication plan and on-site management, comprehensively plan, implement and manage the activities to lock the attention of the industry and target users.

    • - Seminar/Roadshow/Salon

    • - Summit/Forum and Other Large Conferences

    • - Enterprise Annual Meeting

    • - Press Conference

    • - Exhibition

Public Relations-Blue Box International Brand Consultancy

Public Relations

Blue Box Brand Consultancy help build brand influence, maintain business brand reputation, create an organic brand image, and reduce possible brand crisis.

    • - Media Relations

    • - Public Affairs and Government Relations

    • - Investor Relations

    • - Partner Relations

    • - Crisis Public Relations

Content Marketing-Blue Box International Brand Consultancy

Content Marketing

Blue Box Brand Consultancy helps draw users' attention through excellent brand storytelling ability and high-quality, strong relevance and engaging content output.

    • - Content Creation of Enterprise Publicity Materials (Enterprise Publicity Manual, User Manual, etc.)

    • - Creative Communication Content Creation

    • - Social Media Content Creation & Marketing

    • - Video Content Creation & Marketing (Enterprise Video Promo, etc.)

Video Production-Blue Box International Brand Consultancy

Video Production

Blue Box Brand Consultancy Produce including corporate image film, product video, character promo, campaign video, Publicity video of launching ceremony and so on.

    • - Corporate Image Film

    • - Product Promotion Video

    • - Character Promotion Video

    • - Campaign Video

    • - Publicity Video of Launching Ceremony

Website Construction-Blue Box International Brand Consultancy

Website Construction

Enterprise website, APP and small program can be regarded as the image ambassador of enterprise brand and the sales platform. Blue Box helps realize business information digitization.

    • - Official Website Construction

    • - Small Program Development

    • - App Development

    • - Wechat Function Development

    • - Html5/H5 Development